It Girl Radio Episode#5: Kimra Luna- Million Dollar Launches & Million Dollar Ideas

Kimra Luna podcast image

Kimra Luna podcast image

On today's It Girl Radio podcast episode, I'm interviewing Personal Branding and Online Business Strategist Kimra Luna! You won't want to miss this one. our interview, Kimra shares her strategies on how she built her million dollar business - and the amazing story along the way.

During our discussion, Kimra and I dive in to some of the biggest questions you'll face as you start and grow a business:

  • How can you develop clarity on your business goals so they speak directly to your target audience?

  • What does it mean to produce AMAZING solutions for your clients, and how can you continually improve their experience?

  • Discover how to tweak your strategy to improve your own business results and those of your clients

  • Utilize and grow the strengths of your team so you can focus on your own strengths and unique abilities

By listening to the podcast, you'll receive exclusive access to the interview, and you'll discover more about turning those amazing ideas of yours into your own million dollar business.

Click here to access the It Girl Radio Podcast Episode 5 with Kimra Luna on iTunes!


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