It Girl Radio Episode #25: Jess Lively - Living With Intention


It Girl Radio Episode #25: Living With Intention  

Have you experienced a time in your life when everything seemed perfect on the surface but deep down, you just knew something wasn't quite right? That's your intuition talking! Your intuition is a powerful “tool” you can use to make important decisions in your life and business.

Imagine feeling deeply confident and calm because you can always trust yourself to choose the right path - the path aligns with your passion and leads to your true purpose.

If this sounds like heaven, you'll want to listen to this week's episode of It Girl Radio featuring the one and only Jess Lively!

Jess is a former jewelry designer and blogger turned super successful podcast host and creator of popular online courses like Flow With Intention and Life With Intention. Her podcast The Lively Show has attracted over 5 million downloads! Pretty amazing, right?

I came across Jess she was blogging on design and lifestyle, and a lot has changed since then! She's successfully adapted and pivoted her business based on nudges from her intuition and what felt right to her. Jess believes we can all enjoy the power and peace that comes from living with intention and being tuned into our intuition.

On It Girl Radio this week, you'll hear Jess talk about how tuning into her intuition allowed her to decide on what was best for herself and her business. You should know that Jess switched from being focused on a money-making field to one that was exactly the opposite and now she's more successful than ever!

"I needed to get to something that wasn't working well in order to ask what to do instead." Jess Lively

"You don't have to work harder but your emotional frequency is the leverage point for your life." Jess Lively

"If you want to learn how to use your brain in an effective way, your life will get better." Jess Lively

"Alignment of your emotional frequency becomes the driving factor and effort becomes secondary." Jess Lively

"Be where you are, accept it as perfect always and absolutely, and ask your intuition what your next step could be." Jess Lively

Get ready to take lots of notes as we chat about:

  • How you can start to listen to your intuition and understand the messages that come up so you'll know how to make the right decision every time.

  • Learning to trust your intuition (even if you're feeling uncertain) so you can connect the dots and walk the path that's aligned with your personal values and passions.

  • Working less not more, to achieve your deepest desires. When alignment and emotional frequency are driving factors, your effort is secondary.

Jess also shares her personal recommendations on resources that will help you tap into your intuition plus exciting news about a new book on the horizon!

Show Notes

Abraham Hicks

Movie: What the Bleep Do We Know?!

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