It Girl Radio Episode #23: Paula Lacobara - Being an Empowered Woman in This Time in History


You feel it and it's something you intuitively know - you have untapped power within you. But you struggle with this truth. You're afraid to unleash your feminine power and OWN it. There may be times when you feel strong and sure, only to suddenly find yourself drowning in a sea of doubt and anxiety.

This is when your “inner mean girl” comes out to play! You find yourself thinking, “You're being too bold! Who do you think you are? You shouldn't have said that! You should apologize. Now! Omg...they're going to hate me!” and on and on!

The next thing you know, you're stepping back into the shadows. Playing small. Holding yourself back. Blocking your true power from shining through.

If this sounds familiar, then this week's It Girl episode is perfect for you!

Listen in as I talk to renowned Women's Empowerment Coach, Paula Lacobara. Paula's life's work is about helping women live life on their own terms. She went through many difficult challenges in her personal journey to become the confident, empowered (and deeply caring) woman she is today.

Paula and I have known each other for a while and we connected during my recent trip to New York. Paula had SO much wisdom to share about how women can learn to be strong, confident and unapologetically proud of their personal power and I remember thinking: I HAVE to do a podcast episode with Paula! So, here I am :)

During our chat, Paula and I uncover what it truly means to be an empowered woman and how women entrepreneurs can change their lives and their business when they claim their full power.

In this week's episode you'll discover:

  • The 3 different internal archetypes that you will face and how each of these archetypes will show up throughout different periods in your life (plus how to move beyond them).

  • The true definition of empowerment (and why magic happens when you fully embrace it!)

  • The missing link you need to know so you can own and channel your full feminine power to stay connected and aligned with your values and personal truth at all times.

When you listen in to this week's episode, you'll also have a clear understanding of why you sometimes feel stronger and more powerful than you ever have before but still continue to hide or refrain from “shining” and showing that power. This is an amazing opportunity for you to grow and evolve as a woman!

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Thanks so much for listening! :-)

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