It Girl Radio Episode #20: Nicole Moore - Having It All: True Love and a Fulfilling Business


Are you thinking that you couldn't possibly have the time to find true love AND run a successful business? Many women entrepreneurs struggle to find time for both - but it's completely possible!

And if this rings true for you, then you should mark this week's It Girl Radio episode as high-priority on your to-do list!

This week, I'm bringing to you my conversation with my friend and Love Coach, Nicole Moore.

I was so excited to have the chance to meet up with Nicole during a recent trip to San Diego where she lives.

Nicole started out with her certification as a Life Coach. As more and more of her clients came to her wanting to talk about love and their relationships, she quickly realized that's where her focus should be.

Her work also helped her turn myth into fact as she successfully launched a five-figure, high-ticket coaching package about love and relationships all while 9 months pregnant! Now that's what I call a super mama! :)

During our chat, Nicole and I discussed how it's totally possible to find and prioritize love as a successful woman entrepreneur, especially if you feel that romance is missing from your life.

Nicole also talks about the lack of love she felt as a child and how that manifested into low confidence and low self-esteem.

It was through figuring out how to love herself that helped her to focus on her niche. It's also how she was able to break the myth that it's harder to be successful as a coach when your work isn't focused on money.

Grab a pen and paper and listen to us chat about:

  • Mindset is everything! Find a way to saturate your mind with positive beliefs to achieve success in business and love.

  • The super easy two-step process she goes through when she wants to eliminate negative thinking and create the success she desires.

  • Getting results can take time, but it's when you celebrate the small wins that you'll start to see things shift in your favor.

When you listen to this week's episode, you'll also hear Nicole and I have a fun conversation about finding love, being in an awesome relationship, and how that can make a difference in your life as a woman entrepreneur.

No one is destined to be single so there's no reason why you can't have both true love and a successful business!

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Thank you for listening! :-)

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