It Girl Radio Episode #16: Lauren Dobey - Hosting Incredible Retreats


Have you been thinking of hosting your own retreat or live event but were too worried about whether or not you could pull it off successfully? If so, then you'll definitely want to set aside some time to catch this week's It Girl Radio episode! This week, I'm excited to bring you my recent chat with Business Strategist and Lifestyle Mentor, Lauren Dobey.

Lauren had worked her way up the corporate ladder in the home textiles industry. When she realized she couldn't move up any further, she also noticed how burnt out and unhappy she was. She decided she didn't like what she was doing so her alternative was to go into business for herself.

Her first business was working with people around the world and helping them to connect with buyers in the U.S. market so they could sell their goods to U.S. retailers. She then launched her second business as a business coach and mentor, which allowed her to do what she wanted, travel the world, and more importantly, enjoy life!

When I recently sat down with Lauren, we talked about the challenges that can come up when you're hosting a retreat or live event. She shared with me the takeaways she learned from her first retreat and some tips on what you can do to help make your own event a success.

Prepare to take some notes and listen in to Lauren and I discuss:

  • Overestimating how much you're planning to spend on your event by 10 - 20 % so you can be prepared for any unexpected expenses that may come up without going over budget.

  • Gauging the “temperature” of people interested in attending through a conversation or intake interview so you can meet their needs, ensure the energy feels right with each person, and help to avoid any personality clashes (especially for a small group of attendees!)

  • The possibility of allowing attendees to hold their own workshops during the event, which can allow them to show themselves as the expert in their field (and help to make each of your event's unique!)

When you listen to this week's It Girl Radio episode, you'll also hear Lauren and I discuss how important it is for you to schedule time for yourself during these types of events.

Hosting a retreat or live event can really drain your energy so it's important that you're geared up to be physically, emotionally, and energetically available for attendees. Schedule some time for yourself before, during, and after the event so you can decompress and recharge your batteries.

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Thanks for listening! :-)

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