10 Essential Skills To Explode On The Scene As A Rockstar Coach


  Becoming an It Girl Coach doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and a burning desire to live the life of your dreams. But why is that some entrepreneurs are successful, and others aren’t?

If you look at someone who’s made it to the top of their game, you’ll notice that her success wasn’t dependent on luck but rather a certain set of essential skills that enabled her to achieve her goals. Being book-smart just isn’t enough to make it in the business arena. If you’re not equipped with the right tools to go it on your own, it’s likely that struggle will find you before your full potential does.

The good news is that almost anything can be learned. So, let’s take a look at the 10 essential skills every It Girl Coach needs if she wants to be successful:

1. Pro time management skills

Time management can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting out, but what separates a successful coach or business owner from an unsuccessful one is how wisely she uses her time. Having a plan to manage your time effectively is key. Without this, you’re likely to spend hours on unnecessary tasks instead of focusing on the important ones that are likely to grow your business.

Make sure you have a clear goal for the month and know what your focus is. Perhaps it’s signing three new clients up to a program or relaunching your website? Maybe it’s completing a certification while working part-time? Whatever the goal is, be clear about how you’re going to achieve it by breaking it down into action steps. Also, get familiar with the hours in which you’re most productive. We all have energy peaks and slumps throughout the day, so tackling an important activity when you’re at your best is going to allow you to be more focused on the task at hand.

2. Excellent communication

If you want to grow your business, the ability to build relationships and network is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Creating relationships with people who could benefit you can open doors and lead to amazing opportunities, as can establishing a strong connection with your clients.

Having good communication skills doesn’t necessarily mean having a way with words. It’s about knowing the right questions to ask and how to ask them, interacting with new clients, implementing effective marketing and email strategies, taking the time to get to know people and staying on their radar. Essentially, it’s about knowing how to put yourself out there and share your message authentically.

3. Confidence

A successful It Girl Coach owns who she is and what she’s doing. Of course, doubt and insecurity will creep up from time-to-time, especially when you’re just starting out, but constantly second-guessing yourself isn’t going to get you clients.

Positive Psychologist, Success Coach and author of the book Now Is Your Chance, Niyc Pidgeon recently told It Girl Radio that one of the most important aspects of coaching is to be yourself in your business. “It’s really, really important that we strengthen our self-belief and become as authentic as possible, and really own who we are in order to be able to help people through what we do.”

She attributed this to transform her business. “Once you face up to the fear of being visible and being judged and owning yourself, then you can actually operate from this brand new place where you wake up every morning and you’re just you.”

4. Expertise in the field

Coaches come with all types of experience, but a successful coach is clear on what she’s offering. She knows the outcomes she’s promoting, and she knows the client who is most likely to invest in her services. If you want to make it as an It Girl Coach, you need to ensure you’re promoting something that not only makes sense to the client, but also to you.

Get clear on the Ideal Client you want to attract. How much money do they earn? How much time do they spend on social media? What is their ultimate business goal? People want to go to the person who gets them. They have specific needs and want to feel like you’re the only person who can meet them.

5. Seek assistance

Delegating and hiring externally is a key component to being successful. While outsourcing may not be something you’ve ever considered (or even comfortable with), it’s the quickest way to grow your business and get more results. Look at what only you can do, the tasks that need your expertise, then delegate anything that someone else could do, such as sending out the weekly newsletter or making tweaks to your website.

“One of the best investments I ever made back when I didn’t have a lot of revenue coming in was to hire a Virtual Assistant for a couple of hours a week so that I could start delegating some things,” entrepreneur and Founder of The Conquer Club, Natalie MacNeil says. “It doesn’t all have to come down to you.”

By freeing up some of your time, you can really start to focus on finding clients, delivering value and creating quality content. The best part is you’ll practically have someone growing your empire and expanding your business while you work 9-5 (if you’re still in your corporate job, that is)!

6. Mentorship

First things first, if you don’t enjoy helping other people then you’re probably in the wrong business! Coaching is based on mentorship – guiding clients to an outcome or solution – therefore, when you’re in that role it’s 100 percent about them and their business goals. If you don’t come up with what you’re offering people, it’s unlikely they will continue to invest their time and money in you. Would you continue to see a coach who was more concerned with reaching into their back pockets than your progress? I don’t think so.

essential skills

By focusing on the solution you’re giving people, rather than the hour or two you’re coaching them for, you’re showing that you genuinely care. Mentoring is a skill that will develop over time with practice. However, providing compassion support and challenging your clients to reach their goals is something that every successful IT Girl practices from the get-go. And while you’re at it, maybe you could invest in a mentor for yourself. It’s always a benefit to have extra support and guidance!

7. Risk Taker

At some point in every coach’s career, they’ve taken a BIG risk. While most are often careful and calculated risks, the ability to step into the unknown is an essential component for success. Eventually, you’re going to have to say goodbye to that 9-5 job and forgo a steady paycheck – at least for a while. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however! Countless people go out on their own and, as a result, earn much more than their corporate job could have ever provided. Their only regret? That they didn’t do it sooner.

With every risk, there are going to be challenges. And as pointed out by Jayson DeMers in an article on Entrepreneur.com, no matter how much research you do you’ll never be able to estimate popular interest in your business with perfect accuracy because people are somewhat unpredictable. But if you let fear of failure and fear of the unknown hold back, it’s unlikely you’ll create the life path and you desire.

Having a plan B and implementing strategies into your decision-making can certainly eliminate some of the risk factor but, at some point in every successful coach’s career, they’ve had to navigate away from their safe harbor in order to step into their potential.

8. Comfortable with sales

Owning a thriving business means being comfortable with having sales discussions. Whether you’re selling an idea, a coaching package or whipping up blog posts, being able to successfully market yourself is what produces all your opportunities.

The thing is, you need to put yourself out there in order to attract clients. A successful coach or business owner knows she’s creating packages and services for people who are already interested in her and what she does. She’s not selling deceptive messages; rather, she’s running a business designed to help people achieve success. What could be more fulfilling than that?

The people you’re selling to already want your help, so be confident in yourself and remember that there’s a big difference between a cold call and a discovery session that someone’s opted in for.

9. Resilience

The reality of being in business is that you can’t control everything. There are going to be times when you get it wrong and when things don’t exactly go to plan. There are also going to be times when people give you a bad rap or just don’t want to invest you. Period. While it can be hard not to take personally, the sooner you understand it’s not a reflection of your value as a person, the more likely you are to succeed.

Take it as an opportunity to learn and grow but don’t waste time focusing too much energy on it. In any business venture, you’re going to be faced with setbacks and challenges, but ultimately, it’s how you deal with these setbacks that determines whether you sink or swim.

10. Patience

It’s unlikely you’re going to get six figures in six minutes, but racing to your end goal isn’t necessarily going to get you there either. Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life, Emily Williams agrees: “As entrepreneurs, we feel like we have to do everything in this one year,” she says.

“I remember a coach telling me that I was acting like I only had a few months to live in my business, in terms of everything I was doing and everything I put on my plate. And I do have a tendency to want things to happen really quickly and to have a lack of patience, so I do wish I would have … not necessarily slowed down, but recognise that I have the time and just celebrate every milestone and every success.”

It’s only natural to want to see things progress, but becoming a successful coach is a long-term investment. Nurture your business, allow yourself the time to get it right and enjoy the journey. Eventually, things will start to grow and expand naturally.


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