Welcome to Day 3...

You may have heard of the term “lead magnet”, and after today you’ll know how to design the PERFECT one for your business.

So… what a lead magnet?

It's a free gift that's designed to attract your ideal clients, in exchange for their email address (so you can invite them to purchase your programs or services, later via email).

How do you design the perfect Lead Magnet? I thought you’d never ask. Our foolproof formula for creating an irresistible lead magnet is simple: Follow the Rule of 5!

The Rule of 5

Rule #1: Deliver immediate results

Once downloaded, viewed, and read, your Lead Magnet should create value in less than 15 minutes. (NOT something that takes a lot of time to consume and/or implement)

Rule #2: Choose a great format

There are many fantastic formats that you can choose. Here's a list of formats that work really well:

  • Short PDF -eBook, Guide, Report, Template, or Cheat Sheet (no more than 10 pages)

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

  • Audio Training

  • Short Video Series (not more than 5 videos)

  • A Fun Quiz

Rule #3: Share the love

Make sure that your Lead Magnet is easily available so share them via various distribution channels

  • Website Opt-in

  • Blog Content

  • Free Social Media Posts

  • Paid FB Ads

  • Email Newsletter (so your subscribers feel excited and engaged)

Rule #4: Diversity is a delightful thing

If you already have an eBook or a PDF as your Lead Magnet, consider creating a different type of Lead Magnet, such as a webinar or video series. Having a number of Lead Magnets is ideal as you then have a variety of options and formats for your potential clients to choose from.

I personally tend to focus on webinars but have a few audios and PDFs as well.

Rule #5: Quality people love quality products

This is the most important rule of all. Your Lead Magnet must be something your dream clients would find helpful, of high value and of exceptional quality.

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to make sure that you're creating a high quality Lead Magnet:

  • Does your market actually want and need your Lead Magnet?

  • Will this make their lives easier?

  • If it wasn't free, would they invest in it? (hint: the answer to this should be a big "YES!")

We're all done with Day 3!

I'd love for you to start taking action.

Put your thinking cap on and brainstorm a brand new Lead Magnet (or think about updating your current Lead Magnet) based on the Rule of 5!

Love, Jessica

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