Storytelling in Emails...

Today we're discussing The Art of Storytelling...

This is the most powerful (and often underused) tool in the digital world - specifically in email marketing.

Whether your email subscriber list is tiny right now or you're already have a substantial email list...

You need to keep in mind that email marketing is about introducing your subscribers to you, your brand and your work.

Email is where people generally find your programs and services, and refer to it when they are about to make a purchase.

But here's a big problem with most emails...

They are booooring!

So if you actually open an email, you end up skimming, reading a few words before... swish... moving onto the next thing.

However, a well written email is a whole other story (no pun intended!).

Your readers will be drawn to read a good email and they absolutely LOVE reading a well written story.

Think of any successful brand today.

They likely have a strong story that's much grander than any single product that they put out.

Successful entrepreneurs and experts in their field (what I like to call “It Girls” :) do more than simply serve up information or promotional offers...

They convey emotions through story.


Emotions that forge lasting relationships with their clients. Isn't that cool? I hope I've piqued your interest in trying your hand at writing your own stories when you write emails to your subscribers.

Here are 5 Story Categories to get you started:

#1 Vision Stories

Everyone likes to think big. Share your big vision, dreams and aspirations. How is your brand changing your industry – or even the world?

How are you going to provide better service? How do your programs make people’s lives better?

# 2 Rapport Building Stories

Your stories can be personal anecdotes. They don’t always have to be directly related to your products they can let people into your life, and allow them a little peek behind the scenes.

Telling a story outside the realm of your business will make your brand real and relatable which will build interest and engagement.

#3 “Reason Why” Stories

If you are promoting a special offer, explain the story behind it. For instance you could share that your offer is designed to mark an anniversary, commemorate a holiday or celebrate a win.

Using a story to explain why you're giving your clients a special promotion will attract their attention which means they're far more likely to feel inspired to purchase.

#4 Origin Stories

These are the stories about how your company or products were born. These stories are unique which means they will differentiate you and put you in a league of your own.

Share stories about the experience or person who inspired you to start your company and don't forget to talk about the purpose of your work - why you want to serve your audience.

#5 Case Studies/Testimonials

There are few stories more compelling to your potential client or customer than stories about your current or past clients and customers :)

Why? Your potential clients will find these relatable.

They'll see how others like them overcame a challenge to achieve their goals and dreams. You could also share stories about successful mentors/peers that inspire you. Let the details real life experiences tell your story for you.

Make it your new goal to include stories to keep your readers looking forward to your next email.

Next, we're discussing how to create irresistible 'lead magnets' that will attract ONLY the right people - your dream clients!

You're going to find out that in some ways, running a business is like dating - you only want to attract the right kind of dates :)

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