Grow your business every month, here's how...

Welcome to Day 1 of your free 3-Day Basics of Evergreen Marketing Business Training!

During the next few days, I'm going to give you some of the MOST important insights and powerful business strategies to support you to implement Evergreen marketing and the Evergreen Model into your business for consistent clients and impact.

Strategy #1 Evergreen Content & Marketing

What is Evergreen Content & Marketing?

You can think of Evergreen Content & Marketing, as evergreen trees which retain their leaves all year around - they're always fresh and beautiful :)

(thats where the name comes from)

Evergreen Content & Marketing is always relevant and interesting.

Never dated.

Evergreen marketing transcends the latest fad and provides long lasting value & expertise, which will work across a variety of marketing platforms.

This is the type of content that Search Engines (like Google) love :)

Evergreen Marketing IS NOT simply using Instagram or Facebook, creating a website, blog or membership site, an email campaign or anything else that is a changeable or uncontrollable aspect of your marketing.

I can GUARANTEE you, having 50,000 followers on Instagram or a million followers on Facebook, does not mean a thing if you don’t have a rock solid programs, plus tools and systems that consistently invite new clients to work with you.

Now, here's the heart of it...

Evergreen Content & Marketing works so well because it's 'perpetually relevant'.

Always design your programs and services so they're relevant to YOUR audience. Not a quick 'point in time' solution that will quickly become dated.

(Don't forget you can always add and make changes as technology and strategies progress)

The key takeaway here is to create marketing assets that will always be relevant.

Assets that you can use over the long term - not short term.

Be relevant when you're attracting new customers, creating your programs and building your brand.

This is the secret sauce and it changed my entire life and business.

Freedom + Wealth = Successful Business = Abundance of Time + Opportunity for Growth.

I was so excited by this opportunity that I deeply studied the mechanics of this.

I found a structure that is easy to replicate and I created an entire business model around it called the Evergreen Model™

I know that's a lot to take in so all you have to remember today is to build your blog posts, videos and emails to last...

We've taken this information from the Business Mastery Certification. Reach out to us and book a Business Strategy Session if you would like support applying these strategies to your business.