Are you ready to attract High Ticket Clients?

In this podcast, we discuss another important topic: The right mindset needed to attract High Ticket clients. While you don’t have to be perfect to run a successful business, you do need the right mindset because it’s very easy to get caught up in the drama, and sabotage your success. That’s why I believe only a sound mind can sustain long term success.

“A lot of people aren’t interested to actually show up as a person who would attract somebody at that level (e.g. a $100K client)”

When the episode starts, I ask some very powerful questions that you need to ask yourself. Answering these questions will help you understand how you are showing up currently in your business.

“You obviously don’t need to be perfect to have a successful business”

No one is perfect. However, people who are consistent with what they do and avoid drama in their life and business (or sort it out with the help of a professional) have more chances of success.

“How you do one thing in your life tends to be how you do everything”

That’s because, no matter your field, the competition is fierce. Being good at something isn’t enough. You need the right mindset and not allow any self-sabotaging behavior to get in the way of your success. I then proceed to give an example of how some people subconsciously believe they’re not deserving of the success (or happiness) they are getting. This mindset stops them from being successful.

“There’s always areas you can improve upon”

Unexpected things can happen any time in life. But, if you see a pattern of drama in your life every time there’s some success in any area, it’s time to look closer and get curious.

“Being great at what you do, is actually rarely enough”

You need to resolve your personal issues first. Seek professional help if needed. “Take your own medicine”. Only then you can show up as a stronger, better coach and attract high ticket clients.

“The fact is that you are your first client, so you need to take care of yourself firs and take your own medicine”

During this very short episode, I give multiple examples of how I do this. So, tune in to know whether you really are ready to sign $100K clients? I am sure you will learn a thing or two from my experience. Do you want to discuss how to create high ticket packages or anything else related to the topic? You can schedule a call here!


[00:20] Some powerful questions to ask yourself

[03:26] Be consistent, stay away from drama

[05:56] A real world example from my experience

[09:34] You are your first client


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