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#001 - An Introduction: Selling High Ticket Coaching Offers is Easier Than You Think

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An Introduction: Selling HIGH TICKET Coaching Offers is Easier Than You Think

Welcome to the High Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast where I help you create, sell and deliver 100K coaching offers to your dream clients. This is an introductory episode in which I introduce myself, give you my professional background information, and talk briefly about my experience with selling High-Ticket offers.

“Way more people overstep boundaries when they’re paying less”

How often do you get the feeling that you’re doing too much yet just breaking even? We have tangled ourselves in a life of busy. But, we don’t have to work 50 – 60 hours just to get by. Here, I briefly talk about what brought me to this realization, and how I started actively looking into the possibilities of 1 – 1 coaching. 

“Selling a 100K service is really powerful because it has the potential to really change your business and life, and your client’s lives in a massive massive massive way.”

As this is an introductory episode, I also talk about the reasons behind naming my podcast “100K Coaching Offers Podcast”. Plus, I share how I got into this business and sold my first six-figure coaching session. During the episode, I explain why selling 100K offers is easier than selling low-priced offers. In fact, you don’t even have to “over-deliver” when working with high-end packages. It all comes down to setting the right expectations.

“If you help solve a specific problem and help people to step into their vision or what they want for their career, for their life, their business, for their health, for their relationship, chances are you can charge six-figures or a high ticket for that offer.”

For me, coaching and consultancy is social work. It’s a way to give back to the community. Solve the problem. Help businesses grow and be more profitable irrespective of the market forces. Expand their horizons. So join me on this journey, as I will be diving deep into how you, too, can achieve what I did in future episodes. If you’re ready to sign a six-figure client, this podcast will bring value to your business.


[00:56] A few words about my background

[04:40] Why 100K?

[07:50] I sold my first six-figure coaching package

[12:10] Who’s this podcast for?

[15:10] But what about the economy? 


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