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#001 - An Introduction: Selling High Ticket Coaching Offers is Easier Than You Think

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An Expert’s Perspective on What to Include in High Ticket Offer

In the second episode of the High-Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast, I discuss one of the most frequently asked questions: What to include in High-Ticket offers? I also give you a brief rundown of what things to consider, what mistakes to avoid, and what makes people say YES to work with you. To give you a better idea, I share details of my packages and how I make myself available for the clients.

“You need to be clear on the end result you’re helping people to achieve”

The job of a coach or consultant is to guide the client. Help them step into their vision. Regardless of the cost of the package you’re creating, be very clear about the transformation it will take them through. Keep in mind, there’s no cookie-cutter approach for everyone. So you may make adjustments according to every client’s unique requirements.

“When creating high ticket packages, don’t do what’s traditional, think about what will give your clients the best results”

As I already discussed in the first episode, a $100K offer doesn’t mean you have to give them everything. In fact, people are paying that extra money for a different set of reasons. I discuss these reasons during the episode and how you, too, can take care of them by setting the right expectations from the beginning.

“When the transformation is big enough – obviously they’re paying this amount but it’s really about helping them save money, make money, save time, improve health – it becomes a no brainer for the right clients”

Next, I provide a detailed breakdown of my packages and reveal what service I use for easy access. Now, this can be very subjective. But, whatever method works for you, use it to be easily available for your client. Fast communication often means your clients can achieve better results in a short period of time. However, make sure the communication is an enjoyable process for both parties, and no one is overstepping boundaries.

Finally, I give you real-life examples of what makes people pay a 100K or even more to get some services. It’s simple maths and not a question of morality. People have genuine needs. Not everyone will be able to afford your services or be right for them and that’s okay. Just be confident, upfront, and honest about your services.

That’s not all. I share much more in 20 minutes than what’s written here. So, tune in to get your answer to one of the most frequently asked questions I face in professional life. These twenty minutes will surely bring value to your business. Think you need to discuss something with me? Why not schedule a call here?


[01:28] First consideration

[05:30] The misconceptions around 100K offers

[08:25] How I make myself available for clients

[10:54] What makes people pay bigger amount of money

[13:29] A breakdown of my packages 

[19:14] Some examples from other industries of why people are interested in paying a 100K to coaches and consultants


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