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Leaping from the Ladder Book $20

My book walks you through the process of how to turn your hobby or side business into a full-time gig, so you can quit your day job for good. This book was written for you, the woman who has big dreams and knows she is destined for more out of life.


Breakthrough Meditations $25

Master your life by mastering your mindset. These five epic meditations guide you through the day from morning to night to propel you into a state of gratitude, abundance and confidence. You can listen to these on-the-go and anytime you need them to support you on your journey of success.

STEP-by-step System

Discovery Session System $100

Master the art of discovery calls with this foolproof system, learn to prep for calls, uncover your potential client’s true needs and guide them to the best recommendation. Next, learn to overcoming objections and close the sale with ease. This process has allowed me to help thousands of clients and it will transform your business!

STEP-by-step Guide

Uplifting Testimonials $15

Learn how to request testimonials the RIGHT way with my favorite email template. Follow up with thought-provoking questions that elicit powerful responses from your clients. We’ll even show you how to generate testimonials in different mediums for your clients to create testimonials in, to appeal to different confidence levels and preferences. 

STEP-by-step Guide

Massive Action New Year Workshop $50

Anyone who is looking to go to the next level in their business and life in 2019. Whether you are looking for your first $1000 month or $100,000 month this workshop will get you out of your on way so you can step up and be the leader your clients are waiting for.

STEP-by-step Guide

Email Kickoff $25

A truly great email sequence has the power to create a growing tribe of ideal customers who love you and everything you offer (and it can also create thousands and thousands of dollars in income!) The Email Kickoff sequence will help you forge honest, lasting relationships with your email subscribers so when the time comes for you to make your offers, they will be MORE than happy to become your loyal customers! Plus you'll save countless hours of your precious time and a ton energy (no more staring at that blinking cursor on a blank page!)