Tapping into flow & feminine energy


Do you ever get stuck trying to “think” your way out of a challenging situation?

Or perhaps you're busy all the time but you feel like you're not really making any progress?

Or maybe you feel undecided or unsure about your next move?

Over the weekend I went to a female embodiment workshop and it reinforced how I've been feeling for the last few months - that things can come from a place of flow and ease (as opposed to struggle and hard work!)

To break down female embodiment in simple terms it's about “being in your body” and making decisions from your heart as opposed to your head. We did movement exercises and partner shares and overall it wasn't nearly as strange/weird as I thought it was going to be!

What really stood out to me after the workshop was how disconnected most of the world is from their feminine energy. We value masculine “getting stuff done” energy but feminine energy (creative and mothering energy) often gets a bad rap.

For many years I resisted even journaling (and now I feel so off if I don't do it in the morning). I was so used to making decisions from my head and thought I could think my way out of everything!

I realize now that if I'm stuck on something I actually usually can't think my way out of it. I often need to take a break and then the answer will come.

For those of us who have been successful in our careers, deciding to embody more feminine practices will probably feel strange.

Like, even when I read the words “feminine embodiment” my mind goes “what does that even mean!” so I get it if you have resistance to this type of thing. I did/still do on some level.

The next time a challenge comes up, stop working and simply be with yourself. Do something you enjoy. Go for a walk, listen to music, enjoy the process of drinking a cup of tea, move your body...get out of your head and stopping trying to “think” your way out of it.

While I won't be coming up with a female embodiment program anytime soon, the workshop was a reminder for myself (and one I will pass onto to my clients), to spend much more time “being” and less time “doing” <3

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