I only work with coaches who are “successful” in all areas - and here's why you should too


Your future clients want to work with a coach/service provider/however-you-classify-yourself-person who is “successful” in all areas.

Whether you offer Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Graphic Design, Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching, Health Coaching, Mindset Coaching or whatever...

This applies to you!

You could be amazing at Business, Sales or Design and think you can “get away with” just zoning in on that and ignoring your relationships/health/fun/inner work/family...

(and you likely can for a while)

But at some point it will catch up with you.


Energy attracts energy.

People who are fulfilled, happy and on purpose attract clients who desire that as well.

It's not to say that you don't have your moments. You don't need to be perfect.

But if something is fundamentally off kilter in your life....

Friendships, a romantic partner, the food your eating, the thoughts you are telling yourself, don't kid yourself that it's separate from your “niche” (area you work in).

It's not.

For people like us, everything effects the work that we do.

And again, people are attracted to people who are living a well rounded life.

E.g. they have “success” in multiple areas.

It's no longer just money or business success.

I mean how could it be?

That's not the definition of success at all.

So just in case you needed a reminder that living a well rounded life will help your business. This is it!

If I'm looking to hire a coach, consultant or even a team member this is something I look for right away and I suggest you do too :)

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  • Anyone who feels like they are blocked from getting to their next income level

  • If you feel guilty for wanting to make more money

  • If you are worried about coming across as pushing, “sales-y” or only about the money

  • If you are sick of struggling

  • If you seem to be doing “all the things” but you're not getting the results

  • If you're not doing any of “the things” because you don't know where to be focusing your time

  • If you know it's time for your breakthrough

By the end of the training you will:

  • Know how to make more money in your business

  • Know what you need to be focusing on to double, triple or “whatever” your income this year

  • Put into place a simple strategy to attract ideal clients who have the funds to work with you

  • Create a simple mindset practice so you hold onto money when you make it

  • Let go of beliefs, old patterns and thoughts that are keeping you stuck

  • Embrace the fact that in order to make a big impact, money is needed plain and simple!!!

What's included:

Live 90 minute video training (3:45 pm PST 20th January)

Facebook group for the workshop plus a few weeks after for integration and accountability so you actually follow through

Q&A from Jess to get your personal questions answered

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